What is PostCenter?

PostCenter is an online help desk that allows companies to stop assisting customers solely over the phone, but also to start to assist them across Twitter accounts, Facebook fan-pages, online forums, emails, website chats and mobile applications. All of this from just one omni-channel platform that is organised, low-cost and measurable in real-time.

Benefits of using PostCenter

Reduce the operational costs of your customer service

By assisting online with PostCenter, your company can reduce the amounts of calls needed to attend the same number of people, ensuring a diminution in the operational costs of your customer service

Increase the productivity of your agents

PostCenter allows your agents to converse with multiple clients simultaneously, increasing their capacity of assistance by 300%.

Better your clients experience

Prevent your clients from having to suffer long phone calls, wasting time and high phone bills. Assist them faster, easier and cheaper online thanks to PostCenter.

Use the internet as a source of information about your company

With PostCenter, you can use online communication channels as a source of information that can be used to improve your company and the relationship with each of your clients.

Some Features

Activation and qualification: fast and cheap

Forget having to download and instal any kind of application onto your computer. For PostCenter, all you need is an internet connection and a web browser to assist your clients online.

An organised and ordered team

Organise your team by different roles and levels of access within PostCenter. Define who are the supervisors, analysts and agents that will assist clients.

Connection to multiple online channel all in one space

Take advantage of managing all of the communications from your Facebook Fanpages, Twitter accounts, emails, online chats and mobile apps, in one singular platform.

Automatic and intelligent distribution of work

Configure PostCenter so that it automatically and intelligently distributes the roles of service between agents. Reduce the manual work of organising your team by letting PostCenter doing it for you.

Personalisation with the DevCenter service

Personalise your PostCenter to satisfy the specific needs of your company with our development service DevCenter. Design your own platform to make it as useful as possible for your company.

Metrics and analytics of productivity, in real-time and downloadable

All the data from PostCenter about your agents’ work and messages and your clients’ attention tickets, can be viewed and downloaded directly to your computer in order to be analysed.

Those that have trusted in us

PostCenter manages over 500,000 messages and attends more than 150,000 clientes each month.

PostCenter’s automatic assistant

BotCenter constructs chatbots that you can use alongside PostCenter to automatically assist your clients.

Would you like to try PostCenter?

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