Frequently Asked Questions

What is PostCenter?

PostCenter is an online help desk that allows companies to stop assisting customers solely over the phone, but also to start to assist them across Twitter accounts, Facebook fan-pages, contact forms, emails, website chats and mobile applications. All of this from just one omni-channel platform that is organised, low-cost and measurable in real-time.

Can I adjust PostCenter to my business?

It is possible to make configurations in the platform and also tailor-made developments. We can personalize PostCenter so that it comes with all the analytics, metrics and functions your company needs. We want PostCenter to comply with all your requisites to offer the best Customer Service.

Which channels are supported in PostCenter?

At the moment, the supported channels are Facebook, Twitter, Email, Chat, Whatsapp, PlayStore and the AppStore

How much does it cost to use PostCenter?

The costs of using PostCenter, depends on the characteristics needed and the quantity of channel and digital agents you wish to connect. To know more about the prices in detail, get in touch at

In how many languages can PostCenter work?

At the moment it works in 2 languages – English and Spanish.

Can I try PostCenter before contracting it?

Yes, we offer, a month-pilot, during which we give on-the-ground support and teach all of PostCenter’ characteristics.

What do I need to be able to use PostCenter?

You only need a laptop or table with an internet connection and a browser such as Chrome, Mozilla, Safari o Edge, in their last versions.

Can I use PostCenter on a Mobile Phone?

At the moment it is not possible but we are working to soon make existent a mobile-friendly version of PostCenter to natively work on Android and iPhone.

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