Enable Click to Whatsapp on your website and take the experience of Customer Service to the palm of your client’s hand.

Make WhatsApp Business your indispensable ally with PostCenter’ help.

Official WhatsApp API

Thinking on implementing customer support via WhatsApp Business?

Here, where your clients are

4 out of 5 smartphone users in Chile use Whatsapp, turning it into a tool of enormous reach that your clients appreciate and dominate.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Trustworthy channel

Easy and effective to use as it is a native application for smartphones.

Source of information

It is also an application more and more used to search for information.

Increase in productivity

Taking care of your clients via digital channels reduces your costs and improves performance, and if it’s WhatsApp, it will be your clients’ favourite.

You can assist different cases simultaneously and with several agents at the same time, being totally transparent with your clients.

Answers instantaneously

Diminish the total resolution time by having a more dynamic conversation.

Without complications

All in the same place, where you take care of the other digital channels integrated.

Use chatbots in WhatsApp

Multiply the benefits by combining WhatsApp with BotCenter, our chatbots builder, it allows you to provide support 24/7 and be scalable.

Give out an easy and authentic customer service, human with a touch of chatbot.

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