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PostCenter is a cloud help desk that will allow your company to engage over Twitter, Facebook, mobile messaging applications, email and chat. All in just one place.


Reduce costs
By using PostCenter, your company can reduce customer service costs by up to 50% vs answering over phone.
Increase productivity
With PostCenter, your agents will be able to talk with multiple customers simultaneously, increasing their productivity by up to 300%.
A better experience
Forget long wait times and expensive phone calls. Answer quickly over digital channels.
A new source of information for your business
With PostCenter you can take advantage of digital channels as a source of information for business improvement and enhance customer relationship.


Export data directly to your computer
You will be able to download all data stored from customers, messages and tickets directly to your computer to make any analysis you want.
Define multiple SLA and ensure high quality support
Deliver a high quality service to your customers by setting up different SLA times which will trigger alerts to your agents.
Distribute support in a smart and automatic way
PostCenter has an automatic balanced ticket distribution mechanism among your agents.
Keep your team work organized
Keep your work team organized with roles and access levels. Define who will be supervisor, analyst or agent.
Fast and effectively high quality answers
Define premade answers for the most common questions. Spend time on what really matters.
Just a computer, internet connection and ready to work
PostCenter doesn't require you to install extra software. Just a web browser, internet connection and you are ready.
A partner for your information system
Integrate PostCenter with the systems you want inside your Company. Take orders, fills your data repository, make your customers' profile more complete in your CRM, and so on.
All metrics in real time
More than 20 metrics at your disposition for managing large and small teams. We focus on the KPI's required by the most demanding corporations. You'll measure support queues, wait and resolution time, among many other indicators, with breakdowns by account and agent.
Escalate support tickets quickly and conveniently
In a matter of seconds, share support tickets via email with members of your organization in a secure way, including the client conversation and any additional information collected by your agents.
Classify support tickets and customer profiles according to your needs
Easily create custom forms and vinculate them to ticket information and customer profiles.


With PostCenter, more than 450,000 messages and 100.000+ people are managed each month.


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PostCenter's Auto-Assistant

Use Automated Attention Bots and have your agents automatic assistants to perform mechanical and recurring tasks in the interaction with your customers. For more information visit

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